You feel hot, wanna feel sexy, comfortable and enjoy more of this world, with your couple, your special friend or even yourself, why not add something of my own collection to yours.

Bringing to you AMATHA CLOTHES!

My cloth brand, where most of it is hand made, making it even more comfortable. Not the classic brand that gives you what they want, nop, here most of the clothes I have used for my boudoirs are ideas that I create with an artisan friend, being hand made and more adapt to ones body, making it the perfect piece of cloth.

Since most of the pieces are hand made you will need to contact me to manufacture the piece of cloth for you, making it ideal for you.

So, visit me at my Cloth Section and take the world of Amatha to a more personnel level.


You have see me modeling and posing for Art Pieces from different styles, showing king of versatility by being drawn in so many styles from very talented people, so…

AMATHA’s ART section is open for sale!!

In this new section, you can buy this masterpieces, either way digital or physical, so this will be the place where you will be able to buy the piece of art where I have appeared, so if you want me to be hanging on a wall of your house or your secret place, what a better way to do it, than by buying the piece of art.

I will be posting which ones can be for direct sale, so you will have to check back often to know what is going on!, or contact me if you have an inquiry on an special draw you want to have in particular and I will be glad to help you.

So, support art, support us, support me, by helping me do more for you and most of all, ENJOY THE WORLD OF AMATHA “THE MASKED BOUDOIR MODEL”.



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