Greek mythology, goddesses, me playing one of them

Mythology is awesome and there are so many characters, gods, or however you want to call them to cosplay, that I just wanna play one of them using my style, but personificating one of those beautiful statues of brilliant artists. so yes amathalovers, I did a greek goddess boudoir.

This boudoir was done using as outfit, a white transparent cloth and a golden long collar, thats it, nothing more, no underwear, why use it? hahaha, just like the old greeks portrait their models, with nothing more than a piece of cloth.

Where this boudoir was shot, other boudoirs were also done, like the White Corset Boudoir and the Black Bikini Boudoir, the funny part here is that we tried to take several pics of the Greek Goddess Boudoir, but were only comfortable with a few of these pics, I think the escenario didn’t help this idea, so for sure it will be repeated with other background, but we took some nice shots that you can check.

What do I mean? Well, we try first some pics laying down, but just the angles didn’t help, what was in the room didn’t help and, honestly, I didn’t like any pic to be used, so in the second part, at the bath, it was a better location, and I think we got some nice pictures as you can see above.

And as said, for sure there is going to be a second part, because I feel that there is too much to be done and that this boudoir felt incomplete. so I need to play more the greek goddess, that I don’t mind hahahaha.

So, this is my short story for this buodoir, a nice boudoir done on black and white, to give it a more artistic touch. What do you think?

For me, I just want to tell you to enjoy more of My Masked World, you have more to see, you want to see the hot and artistic stuff that I am creating, well just become a Patreon and get a look at it.

Enjoy my world and have access to more unique material. See you there amathalovers, with more to come!!


Horror dance, the masked ballerina boudoir has arrived

The idea of this boudoir wasn’t done as I will have wanted and that is beacuse I didn’t feel that the scenario helped with the tematic of this boudoir representing a “Horror Ballerina”.

The cage kind of help, but I think that a darker and open place will have been better, well it will be for the second part.

For this boudoir the outfit was simple, was a transparent black blouse, a transparent mini skirt and very slight body paint. I used a thong for some of the shots and remove the thong for some other shots, so half of the boudoir I am with a thong and half without it. The outfit felt real nice and I really like it, will use it for another creations.

A pic from my Horror Ballerina Boudoir, click for more!

What is the idea behind this boudoir? To let the horror ballerina enjoy her moment, dancing around, jumping around, free her from the cage she felt is caged. What does this tell you? Free yourself, don’t let yourself be caged.

The idea for this boudoir was something I like, but I think we could have done it in a better way, so this boudoir will be improved, felt that the quality for this one was a bit low of what I like, so I will redo it.

In most of my boudoirs I try to show that one needs to experience, to feel, to let your imagination flow and let you create and do what is in your mind, to challenge ourselves without thinking on what others may think and that is what I try to do with Amatha, to free myself and try to create whats in my mind. Sometimes is easier than other since sometimes I really fly away with things that seems impossible hahahaha.

So, I hope to create the new version of the Horror Ballerina, with a better and creepier touch, keeping the sensuality at max, think it will look better and that will really give the meaning that I want to give with this boudoir. What do you think?

In the meantime you can check my other Boudoirs, the Art that I have created with other artists around the globe, support me if you want to help in this masked world so I may be able to create more and mainly enjoy the world of Amtha, The Masked Boudoir Model and alos ENJOY LIFE AT MAX.


New outdoor boudoirs coming soon

I am so happy to announce amathalovers that soon I will be able to create more boudoirs outside since really soon will go on a trip where many natural escenarios will be present, so hopefully I will be able to do several photo shoots outdoors, where it is more exciting and where I can feel more free.

The covid situation has frozen this situation a little bit, at least for me, so since now the situation is starting to become more “normal” it is easier to go to different places and do this outside. That makes me really happy!!

A pic from my Amatha of the Forest Boudoir, click for more!!

What new boudoirs will you be able to see? What ideas are going to take place?

Well, that is something you need to wait for, several ideas will try to be done for the boudoirs I have in mind, plus some pending work I have with several requests of different drawers, hopefully they will not get mad with me for the delay and my Art Section will have more and more beautiful artwork of different visions, different styles, different ideas, that is something I can’t wait for it to happen.

When will you see this new boudoirs?

Hopefully in July or August of this year, not so far away, just take the pics, select the ones that will be shown, do the normal edition of these ones, upload them to the site in some chronological order or something like that and ready to go, ready for you to see and enjoy!!

A pic from my Climbing Boudoir, click for more!!

So, I am very excited since soon I will be able to do more boudoirs outside, love the experience, love the feeling, love what it generates in me, since it is a challenge and it defies me a lot and I am more than welcome to face it.

I think that in one blog entrance I will described in more detail how my boudoirs are managed? The process inside one of my boudoir sets, but for the moment I just hope you enjoy my creations.

So, continue to enjoy this Amatha, “The Masked Boudoir Model” world. check my Boudoirs, my Vids, my Art, tip me if you feel you want to support me and mainly ENJOY LIFE.


This waiting times are a pain, lets get creative on this chair

Waiting is sometimes really exasperating, don’t you think amathalovers? So why not make it more interesting.

So, while waiting for an appointment, why not heat things a little bit with a boudoir. Kind of similar to the Love Sofa Boudoir.

This boudoir, was really simple, just a chair, a flat background, on its mayority, since several parts of the pics needed to be cut for things that came out without meaning to the shots.

A pic from my Waiting Boudoir, click for more!

Clothing was just some panties and a titless corset, so there were free jajaja, plain and simple, not big science here. Just showing that waiting times can be more exciting if you can get creative.

Haven’t you have the idea of or the rush to do something kinky in public or outdoors, with that risk of being caught?

Well, amathalovers, in some way it is what I am doing, mainly with my outdoor boudoirs, taken the shots outside, sometimes by the road, with the risk of who is seeing, what will happen, makes it exciting but also I get nervous, not gonna lie with that.

At the moment, there is only one boudoir that I have done were I had an audience, some way, but I will talk about that boudoir in another occassion, for now I have posted several indoor boudoirs since doing them outside have been more complicated due to this covid situation, but soon amathalovers, more outdoor excitement will come.

A pic from my Waiting Boudoir, click for more!!

So, this boudoir doesn’t have too much behind it, just trying to show that you can get creative anywhere, increase the excitement and who knows what can happen? Not sure if it is the best advice, but one should LIVE and ENJOY.

So I hope you keep enjoying my world of Amatha, The Masked Boudoir Model, visit my world, tip me if you want to support me on creating new things and mainly ENJOY LIFE.


So many have said, “Want to see you without the Mask”, I have said it before, but, Why the Mask? Why not Unmasked?

I think I have given some explanations on why I am doing this masked? and why I like to keep it that way? So amathalovers, here I go again with a brief explanation on why I am doing this like this.

I am a direct woman, so I will be brief and direct with what I am saying:

  1. The mask helps me play different characters and let me perform boudoirs for each character, it helps me to get involved with what I am trying to represent in each session.
  2. I try to show that everyone can be behind the mask and that anyone can do this, that there are ways to challenge yourself without the fear or the feeling of anxiety of being discovered, like this, you can play around without anybody knowing it is you behind it, or at least only a few ones will know, like my case. So it is only a way, to show that things can be done no matter what.
  3. I am trying to show that everyone is beautiful in any way, its nice to hear that you want to see my face, makes me think you are interested in seeing more than my naked body, but I also think that is just the feeling of knowing with nothing special behind it.
  4. As explained on why this creepy masks?, I also try to show how I am against the world situation, against how women are seen, to say it in one way, as it was done with the creation of the Mexican Catrina, just a way to rebel myself and show how I am against many things.
A pic from my Horror Ballerina Boudoir. Click for more!

Yes, I am a feminist, but not like the extreme ones, thats too much, I believe in the power of women, in how we are able to do many things, all what we wish for, in how we are able to beat anyone in anything, we are capable of so many amazing things and I COMPLETELY BELIEVE THAT, I am just against that mentality that has been created through the years that we are weaker just because we are females.

But, I believe in equalty, that all of us are at the same level, gender, race, color, etc. doesn’t make us any better, not even close, maybe some persons are born with different characteristics, but as they say IF YOU HAVE THE TALENT, EXPLOIT IT, IF NOT IT IS WORTHLESS, well not sure if it goes like that, but for me what makes us better are different aspects that we are made of: like our knowledge, our habilities, our personality, our way of seeing things, how we decide, how we manage real life situations and many other things that doesn’t have to do with how we look and what is at sight, it has to do with what we have inside, saying it in an easy way, or at least, that is what I BELEIVE.

So the mask has a reason, that exists from my point of view and I hope you can respect that. The day I remove my mask, will be because I CHOSE TO DO IT and nothing more, not just because some pervs want to see my face while they are dreaming they are fucking me and just want more “information” for their dream, nop, won’t happen,

A pic from my Tub Party Boudoir. Click for more!

Well, that is what I have to say amathalovers, hope you understand a little more about me and why I am doing this MASKED. What I been thinking is to have more masks honestly, need more to characterize more and create more.

Anyway, check out my Outdoor Boudoirs or Indoor Boudoirs, to see all the Boudoirs I have done, check my Short Vids well you will be able to see me, check my Art Section where you will be able to see the interpretations of me of really talented people around the world, Tip Me if you want to help me in this adventure, will be very much appreciated, and ENJOY MY WORLD OF AMATHA, “THE MASKED BOUDOIR MODEL” and mainly ENJOY LIFE.